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Do you need to stop wage garnishment?

Another extraordinary collection tactic that is available to the IRS is a Wage Garnishment.
A Wage Garnishment is an action taken by the IRS when an employee has a back tax debt. The garnishment is effected by the sending of a simple written garnishment notice to your employer.

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Need to release a bank Levy?

The IRS can simply take over your bank account, in certain circumstances. The IRS has legal collection remedies that are unavailable to other creditors.
One of these startling collection tools is the authority to seize your bank account without any warning whatsoever. This is known as a Bank Levy. People that are subject to IRS bank levies can be denied access to their money.

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Do you require Revenue Officer Assistance?

It is not uncommon for a representative from the IRS to visit you at your home or place of business. If this happens, it is imperative that you contact Tax Help MD immediately.
If you receive a personal visit from the IRS, it means that a specific representative from the IRS has been assigned to your tax case. You now have a personal tax collector to deal with, in addition to the back taxes you may owe.

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