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Question: What is the age limit for determining a child as dependent?

Response: There are few conditions which your child must meet, in order to be determined as your dependent child. Your Child must fulfill the qualifying child or qualify the relative test. A child is determined as a qualifying child if:

  • The age of your child is less than your age
  • The age of the child is less than 19 years old until the end of that specific year
  • The child is a student; with age less than 24 years old
  • If the child fulfills the qualifying relative test, then there is no age limit for claiming the dependency.

You need to fulfill the following conditions in order to get the tax exemption for your child:

  • Qualifying child, or qualifying relative test
  • Dependent taxpayer test
  • Citizen or resident test
  • Joint return test

Question: What are the methods through which I will be able to know if I have to file the quarterly individual estimated tax payments?

Response: You are supposed to submit estimated tax payments if the following conditions are applicable to your situation:

After the deductions of withholding and refundable credits, you still owe at least $1000 in tax
Your withholding and refundable credits are lesser than:

  • 90% of the tax, which is determined in your present year’s tax return
  • 100% of the tax determined in the previous tax return.
  • Farmers and Fishermen
  • Certain Household employers
  • Certain higher income taxpayers

After the deductions of withholding and refundable credits, you still owe at least $1000 in tax

Nonresident aliens have to fill out Form 1040-ES (NR) (PDF), U.S. estimated Tax for Nonresident Alien Individuals.

Additional Information:

Publication 505, Tax withholding and Estimated Tax Form 1040-ES (PDF), estimated tax for individuals Dean Michaels will be answering your queries regularly on our page Ask the Doctor.

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