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What is Penalty Abatement Waiver?

    The IRS first-time penalty abatement (FTA) waiver was introduced 12 years ago. It is still not known to many people. What is FTA? IRS FTA allows a non compliant taxpayer to request abatement of certain penalties for a single tax period. The reasons due to which individual tax payer can request FTA are: [...]

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Tax payer’s Concerns about Tax Extension

The first thing that comes in the mind of a taxpayer is to know who can requests a tax extension, it is important that a tax payers knows the details of all the advantages they can get during the tax payment process. Tax extension can be applied by those who have complicated financial situations and [...]

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Procedure of filing tax extension and the alternate options

If a tax payer is unable to file the tax returns on time, he can request IRS to give tax extensions. The most appropriate extension time is six months. The IRS gives an extension from April 15 to October 15. The tax payer must understand that there is a time limit for requesting the tax [...]

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How to Evade Employment Tax

There are different ways through which people dodge paying employment taxes. Following are few of the most common ways: Pyramiding This is a method through which business withholds taxes from employees, but do not pay them to the IRS. Such businesses avoid paying taxes to IRS by filing bankruptcy, in this way they are able [...]

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What are the Tax Obligations for a Multi-state Employee?

If your business is located in one state and all your employees are resident of the same state than your tax withholdings are simple and easy. Your state income tax withholding obligations will be relatively straightforward. The income tax withholdings become complex when your operations expand beyond the borders of a single state. You may [...]

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