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Impact of Sales Tax on Local Economies

Sales Tax is collected by the state and is utilized for the improvement of the infrastructure and public organizations. Online sellers are enjoying great profit margins by avoiding sales tax payments. There is no positive impact of retailing on the economy of the community because these online stores do not give any taxes and keep all [...]

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History of Your returns, how to get a copy of your own records from IRS?

  If you need to get past tax returns, here is the guide that will help you through in getting these records: Method of requesting Transcript Copy of Past Tax Returns Sometimes the taxpayer does not need an exact copy of past tax returns but just a transcript can help them. A transcript contains most [...]

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Steps to follow if you are not getting your Federal tax refund

The most awaited amount of money is the money you are expecting as a Tax refund from the IRS. If you have filed for the return electronically you should expect a response within 21 days. On the other hand if you have filed on paper you need to wait for atleast six weeks. Having said [...]

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Four factors can trigger an IRS Audit?

Tax Audit is one of the nightmares for a taxpayer. Everyone wants to know how to avoid tax audits. Here are some blunders by tax payers that can help you understand what triggers an IRS audit: Breaking the rules related to foreign accounts The IRS has strict reporting requirements as far as foreign accounts are [...]

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How to Evade Employment Tax

There are different ways through which people dodge paying employment taxes. Following are few of the most common ways: Pyramiding This is a method through which business withholds taxes from employees, but do not pay them to the IRS. Such businesses avoid paying taxes to IRS by filing bankruptcy, in this way they are able [...]

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Tax issues related to Marriage; Bonus and Penalties

Most people have a misconception that married couples have to pay higher taxes than the single tax payer. What they fail to realize is that there are many instances where you get a marriage bonus if you know the right details of tax returns. Marriage penalty Marriage penalty means that a married couple pays more [...]

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What is IRS Debt Forgiveness Program?

What is tax forgiveness? IRS introduced the Debt Forgiveness program which is also known as Fresh Start Program. The reason behind starting this program was that IRS realized that taxpayers will never pay their debt off of there is no hope.  IRS use to increase the penalties and interests at a high speed, due to [...]

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3 Ways to Follow, If You Don’t Have Money to Pay The Federal Income Taxes

If you don’t have money to pay to the federal income taxes that you owe, you have three options: Option #1 Get an installment agreement, in which you will pay the full tax liability, but over an agreed-upon period of time. In this way your financial burden will minimize, and you will be allowed to [...]

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Tax Payment; A moral obligation, not a choice  

Many companies and individuals are always trying to minimize the tax amount that they have to pay. People hire companies who help them file the tax returns in a way that they can get maximum tax wave off. But these people and companies fail to realize that tax payment given by them are used by [...]

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Tax Breaks for Home Owners

Digging through piles of paperwork and receipts is not the perfect way to spend your day, but with tax deadline looming ahead, it is unavoidable. If you are a homeowner, digging through those receipts may get your deductions you never thought about and even save thousands in taxes this year. Here are a few tax [...]

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