Filing returns is difficult especially when you are not a calculation person. Once you file the returns or you are about to file them there are two major concerns that come across your mind:

  1. What will the government do with my refund?
  2. Whether I want to go to a tax preparer for help?

What will the government do with my refund?

If you expect that you will get a refund from the government, you can request it in the following forms;

  1. Ask IRS to send a check directly to your account
  2. Contribute some of your refund to buy U.S. Savings bonds through Treasury Direct
  3. Apply some or all of the refund toward your tax bill on the next return.

Whether I want to go to a tax preparer for help?

Some people cannot file their returns themselves so they prefer to take help from tax organizations such as Tax Help MD. Professionals at tax help MD take complete responsibility of filing your tax returns and helping you throughout the process.

If you use the same preparer that you used last year, likely the old return is already on hand. If you go to a new preparer, last year’s return serves as a reminder to the preparer of some items you don’t want to overlook.

Some aspects that are important for the tax payer include charities that are deductible. If you made small gifts, you may not have received any acknowledgment from the organization, but you can still deduct your gift as long as you have a canceled check or other proof.

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