Identity theft is the biggest ongoing crime these days. You need to carry out all precautionary measures to prevent identity theft from happening to yourself and your organization. Hackers and criminals have the ability to steal your data. It is really important that you carry out measures to protect your personal information. You need to be aware of the ways the information is stolen so that you can take preemptive measures to prevent identity theft.

Don’t trust the IRS phone call

Many scammers and data thieves call as IRS representatives and ask for your personal details. Make sure that you don’t fall victim to such calls. Even if the caller seems authentic, never respond on the first place.  Take your time, get the phone number tracked, ensure that the call was from IRS representative and then respond. You can take help of professionals from Tax Help MD who can check the details of the call on your behalf and inform you about its credibility.

Be suspicious of phishing scams

Emails claiming to come from the IRS and requesting personal information likely are fraudulent. The IRS typically initiates contact with taxpayers via U.S. mail. If you receive an email alleging that it comes from the IRS, don’t click the link. Call the IRS and verify the communication yourself, or have your tax preparer check on your behalf.

Always dispose your previous Tax records using a proper procedure

As per the rule, tax records should be kept in records for three years. Once the time of disposing them comes, you need to make sure you dispose them off properly. Never just throw them away, because anyone can access your tax number, your date of birth and other personal details from the forms. Always use a paper shredder to shred all the records.

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