When Tax season approaches, paperwork and confusion become the hot topic. With new developments and changes presented by the IRS every year, this year seems tougher compared to the past years.

Tax Help MD brings all taxpayers with hot details regarding tax return;
Methods of Filing the Tax Return
The IRS provides free software for filing a tax return form online. This software can only be availed by taxpayers whose annual income is below $62,000. However, if the income exceeds $62,000, the IRS provides taxpayers with Free File Fill-able Forms.
Tax Help MD is a professional tax issue resolving service which can help taxpayers fill their tax forms.

Safety Systems will cause problems

The increasing number of identity thefts and tax scams has resulted in IRS installing solid security systems this year.

With advanced safety procedures, taxpayers will find it difficult to access different tax software because of additional passwords and security questions.

IRS Customer Service will be low

The Washington Post from November 2015 shows that the IRS customer service will be worse in 2016. Last year, the customer service was as low as 37%.

Only a few taxpayers could luckily connect to a live IRS operator through the helpline number.

Different Tax Deadline

Thanks to the Emancipation Day, the tax day deadline has given all taxpayers extra 3 days for filing their forms. Since 15th April is falling on a Friday, the new tax date changes to 18th April, Monday.

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