Each year all US citizens pay taxes, and every year there are many instances of between the IRS and Tax Payers resolving tax issues. In some case the tax payers have not paid the right amount of returns, in others the tax payers have taken more exemptions than they legally are entitled to.

Here are some of the advantages of choosing IRS tax court for resolving tax issues.

Chances of out of court settlements

Most of the times such cases are solved before even going to the IRS tax court between the complainant and the IRS. IRS has a reputation to defend, and it knows that if a person is sue IRS then they are quite serious in getting their desired result and they cannot afford this defamation, hence they opt for settlements.

No need a specialized attorney

In majority of such cases the petitioner does not even need a specialized lawyer to represent them in the court of law, as these are very simple cases. Appeals process is also not required before choosing the right option.

Keep your tax money … until it’s done

A tax court also gives you a facility not to pay tax before going to the court; all other courts of U.S require you to do this. In fact if you have already paid your taxes to IRS then you will not be allowed to take your case to the tax court.

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