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  The Phishing E-mail Tax Scam from ‘The Boss’

  Getting an e-mail from your boss, asking you to do something as soon as possible, can make you jump on the spot. So it comes as no surprise that scammers are now sending emails as CEO or some other top executive at the company and demanding a long list of W-2 files via PDF [...]

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Self-Employed and Tax Breaks  

  Being self-employed comes with its own challenges and with the tax season upon us, it comes as no surprise that there is extra paper-work on your desk.   As a self-employed individual, keeping your records organized is the first step to breeze through the tax season. Keeping yourself updated about self employment deductions is [...]

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Tax Deductions You Didn’t Know You Can Take  

Taking advantage of every possible deduction is highly beneficial, especially if you are short of money. Yet, a lot of such available different tax deductions go unclaimed by taxpayers due to lack of knowledge.   IRS allows itemized deductions and although a few deductions are known by taxpayers, there are still a number of forgotten [...]

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Tax Deadlines and Phishing Season

With tax day looming just ahead, it comes as no surprise that the number of phishing emails has surged as well. They are not only targeting individuals, by emailing as someone legitimate from your bank or Human resources department but are also targeting companies in hopes of acquiring personal information and Social Security Numbers of [...]

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Pros and Cons of Taking Standard Tax Deduction

This year the standard deduction for heads of household, according to IRS, is $9300. For single filers and married couples filing separately, it is $6300 and $12600 for jointly filing married couples. Like anything, taking standard tax deductions has its pros and cons, which are discussed below. Pros of Taking Standard Tax Deductions If you [...]

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