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Direct Deposits and Tax Refund

Opting for a direct deposit tax refund seems to be the easiest and quickest way to get back your tax refund. However, like anything else, this is not fool-proof.   According to IRS, putting in a wrong bank account number, not signing your forms, misspelling names and giving wrong Social Security Numbers are the most [...]

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Answers to Common Tax Questions You Might Be Embarrassed to Ask

  When it comes to taxes and IRS, burying your head in the sand and claiming ignorance is never going to work.   Everyone has tax questions and sometimes they may seem too simple to ask. But, it never hurts to seek an answer for your common tax questions. Here are a few basic tax [...]

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    Tax Time and Year-End Credit Card Statement

  With a huge pile of paperwork to sift through during the tax season, keep an eye out for your year-end credit card statement.   This statement is not only going to help you keep a handle on all your spending in the near future, but it is also going to help you reduce your [...]

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Tips for Filing a Tax Return for The First Time

  Filing a tax return is never easy, even for a seasoned taxpayer. For those filing taxes for the first time, it can be a daunting task.   A word of advice: Don’t panic. As overwhelming as taxes may seem, you can breeze through the tax season by following these simple tips for a first [...]

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Stolen Medical Records and Tax Scams

The tax season is almost reaching its deadline, but it is not stopping the scammers from coming up with new ways to file fraudulent tax returns.   Cyber criminals are now stealing medical records to file fraudulent tax returns, in addition to health-care fraud.   How Does It Work? Hackers, after hacking the medical records, [...]

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Tips to Reduce Your Tax Liability in Retirement

If you have saved your whole life to build your retirement nest egg, the last thing you need is to hand over that hard-earned money in taxes.   Withdrawing too much of your retirement funds in a single year, living in a ‘high-tax’ area or not using all the available tax-advantaged investment options can lead [...]

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How to File Your Taxes When You Are Married?

  A whopping 95% of married couples file jointly and for good reason. It is convenient and cheaper than filing separately. However, there are a few exceptions, where filing separately makes sense.   Having an Income-based Student Loan Income-based student loan payments are the key to AGI or adjusted gross income. In effect, your filing [...]

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