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One Tax related task that seems a nightmare to most of the business owners

  Most of the people enjoy doing their own business. They love the freedom and flexibility that they get because of being entrepreneur. A new business owner happily starts of with all the management practices of the business; he hires employees, set up a website, design business cards etc. Most of the new business owners [...]

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Two major life events that can bring a drastic change to your tax returns  

    Tax returns are affected by many things. One of them is the number of family members that are present in your family. Tax returns are affected by the arrival of a new baby, by marriage and by the death of a family member. Following are the details of the two major life events [...]

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Life Events That Can Impact Your Taxes

    A person undergoes many changes in life. It is important that an individual is aware of the impact of these changes on the taxes. Getting married, job changes, enrolling to a degree, having a child all aspects of your life have an impact on your tax returns. Following are two of the events [...]

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3 most beneficial tips for the Self employed individual

The biggest advantage of being self employed is the freedom of choice and flexibility. Although at one side owning your own business has a lot of advantages, but there are many added responsibilities too. As a self-employed individual, you do not have employer withholding taxes from your paycheck instead; you must handle these obligations on your own. [...]

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Monthly installment methods of tax to IRS

In life there are two things which you can’t halt; one is the death and other is the tax. While death is inevitable, there are ways to deal with the tax even if you are caught in a vicious circle of life. Do you think that IRS is wreaking havoc in your life and you [...]

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Impact of Sales Tax on Local Economies

Sales Tax is collected by the state and is utilized for the improvement of the infrastructure and public organizations. Online sellers are enjoying great profit margins by avoiding sales tax payments. There is no positive impact of retailing on the economy of the community because these online stores do not give any taxes and keep all [...]

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Life insurance tax facts you need to know

      Fact No. 1: The premium that you pay on your personal life insurance is your personal expense and cannot be deducted. IRS regulations clearly state: “premiums paid for life insurance by the insured are not deductible.” It does not matter that the premium was paid by the insured by some other person. [...]

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Sales Tax; The unfair advantage that the online retailers are enjoying

The benefits of online retailing vs. brick-and-mortar store We have always known that a physical store presence has a greater positive impact on the consumer than an online store. But the case is totally different if we look at it from the Tax lens. According to the rule the retailers are suppose to collect 10% [...]

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