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Events in Life that have an impact on your Tax returns

Taxes are the bitter truth of our lives which are unavoidable in all sorts of circumstances. There are certain events in our lives which have an impact on the way the taxes are levied. Here are the few events listed:  Birth or Adoption of a Child The biggest life changing event in any one’s life [...]

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 Three changes you need to make in your Tax Status after getting married

  Newly Wed couples face so many changes in their lives. They start a new home, they adjust to the new routine, decide upon sharing bills and other payments, match their job timings, along with that another major change that they face is in their tax status.  There are some consequences related to Tax which [...]

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Five helpful tips for the person who Owes Taxes  

    If you owe the IRS it is better to start thinking of ways to pay them rather than waiting for the burden to increase. Here are some ways through which you can minimize the burden of owning taxes: Tip No. 1: Pay it off The foremost tip is to try your best and [...]

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Eight Surprising Tax Facts That You Must Know

    Taxpayers spend $27.7 billion a year preparing their taxes. A greater portion of this spending goes to the million of accountants or Tax firms that are hired each tax season. even the head of IRS gets his taxes done by a professional.   According to the New York Times, 80% to 95% of [...]

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Lucky to get a Tax Refund; here are some ideas to spend the refund money

Having a extra cash in hand is the biggest blessing. You are happy that you can use it for any unexpected need or you can fulfill any pending expense. There are many tax refund ideas on how to spend your money. Here are a few smart ways to spend your tax refund: You can shop [...]

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5 interesting ways to Utilize Your Tax Refund

  No. 1: Invest in an Experience The most interesting way of spending your Tax refund is to spend money on your hobby. Learn to sing, join a gym, and take aerobic classes or travel. Studies show that a person gets more contended by spending on an experience rather than a product. Splurging on experiences [...]

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