The most awaited amount of money is the money you are expecting as a Tax refund from the IRS. If you have filed for the return electronically you should expect a response within 21 days. On the other hand if you have filed on paper you need to wait for atleast six weeks. Having said that here are few suggestions you should follow to find out the status of your tax return.

Things that you need

IRS has a tool named “Where’s My Refund?” on its website. Following are the details that are asked by the website when you click at this tab:

  1. Your Social Security Number
  2. Your filing status(Single, Married, Head of Household, etc.)
  1. The exact amount of the refund you are owed

How to find this Tool on website?

Visit the IRS website, on the right hand side of the page; you will see a column labeled “Filing & Payment.” The first item in that column is “Where’s My Refund?” Click on that and it will take you to the IRS tax return status page.

What are the steps involved?

There are three aspects of the IRS tax return status:

  1. Return Received: The refund application is received and it is in process
  1. Refund Approved: The refund process is completed processing your tax return and you payment is scheduled
  2. Refund Sent : Your tax refund is sent and will reach you in a matter of time

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