At Tax Help MD, we know there are few things scarier than receiving an IRS Audit letter in the mail. Your blood pressure shoots up and you begin to sweat before you’ve even finished reading the notice. You know immediately that an audit is going to negatively affect your business and family, because now you are forced to drop everything and start the process of gathering all the documentation you need to substantiate each and every deduction you have claimed and reported on your tax return. Then, in a panic you start searching Google, trying to put together the understanding required to develop a realistic legal response.

The alternative is not going to help you in any way. Noncompliance is a slippery slope, fraught with penalties and interest. The IRS will be very thorough – and when they are through, their case will be compelling, and incredibly expensive. Make no mistake. You would have never received the audit notice in the first place if the IRS didn’t already believe there was money to be recovered.

Some taxpayers attempt to handle the tax audit themselves, only to discover they owe a substantial amount on money, mitigated by late fees, service charges and compounded interest. Handling your own IRS audit is a “fool’s errand” – A task which is widely known to be unwise, yet is carried out against a person’s better judgment. In an attempt to save some money on legal services for tax resolution, the taxpayer winds up paying more to the IRS.

You see, auditors working on your IRS debt will pull more information from you than you have a legal obligation to provide. IRS Auditors are fully aware that taxpayers are afraid and ignorant of their rights.

But, what if you had a champion who understood all this and knew how to deal with the IRS? Someone who was unafraid of the auditors and savvy enough to provide only the information you are required by law to provide to them?

That champion is Tax Help MD. Our staff of CPAs, specialists and enrolled agents can free you from IRS Problems such as Levies, Wage Garnishment and forfeitures. Tax Help MD can help you get and Offer in Compromise or Set-up an IRS Payment Plan. We specialize in Franchise Tax Board Help, IRS lien Removal and IRS Penalty Abatement.

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