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IRS Types of Taxation Principles

Taxation principles are the guidelines used to establish and collect taxes in such a way as to make the process equitable across the spectrum of those they are collected from. In other words, in a perfect system, individuals would be taxed based on their ability to pay. Those with higher incomes would pay more in [...]

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Expert Advice from Dean Michael the Tax Doctor About IRS Tax Settlement Program (Offer in Compromise)

This IRS Fresh Start Program could be a great way to settle your tax debt, but it's not for everyone so don't believe the hype. They say there are two things in life you can't avoid death, and taxes. But, every year, thousands of people fail to pay their due to the IRS. Today, the television, [...]

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Expert Commentary from Dean Michael The Tax Doctor about the Huge Chasm Between Republicans and Democrats When It Comes to Tax Legislation

Recently, a number of Democrats reached across the aisle to their Republican counterparts in an attempt to work together regarding tax reform. However, they stated if Republicans want to work together to create a workable piece of bipartisan legislation, there were three important conditions they would have to agree to. First, the legislation would need [...]

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IRS property seizure and ways to stop the IRS from seizing your property

The IRS has vast powers and one of the powers they exercise to settle the tax issues is the seizure of property. We know that not every person who is dealing with tax issues is a bad person who is trying to hide their properties or who has bad intentions and wants to fudge on [...]

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Scared of Audits; Here is the detail of the types of income tax audits

You must be well aware of the term audit; it is the review of your income tax returns in order to determine their accuracy and transparency. Let us discuss the types of tax audits and their details in order to clarify that all income tax audits are not a nightmare. Types of Income Tax audits [...]

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Some Tax related Dos and Don’ts after getting married

    After you tie a knot with your loved one, and return back from an entertaining honeymoon, there are some important things which require your concern. One of the aspects of financial life that you need to ponder over are the tax related issues. Here are few instructions related to tax for the newly [...]

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Sweating because you Owe taxes to IRS; here are 5 tips that can relieve your stress

If you are stressed and thinking, "What do I do if I owe taxes to the IRS?", just take a deep breath. Professionals at Tax Help MD can guide you through the process of settling tax debt with the IRS and paying taxes in as comfortable a way as possible.  Here are five tips that [...]

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3 Tax Filing Tips to File Returns Effectively

If you are looking to save money on your tax returns this year then go through the practice that you adopted in the previous years, you may have missed a trick or two. Here are some of the tax return tips to help you in your tax saving. Itemizing your deductions may be a good [...]

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Methods through which IRS helps the Tax Payers to resolve the Tax disputes

Tax Payers face many issues related to tax while they are filing their tax returns. Tax payers feel tensed when the IRS calls them for any issue. They feel it a huge burden to deal with the tax issues along with their work and family commitments. IRS realizes this problem and to solve it they [...]

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