If you have received an alarming notice from the IRS that your tax return needs to be audited, you shouldn’t be worried as it happens to a number of taxpayers every year. To deal with this matter, you need to use your wit and follow some meaningful strategies that are given below:

  1. Learn about the Type of Audit

Before you do anything and consult anyone to take any kind of help, you first need to know that what type of audits you are facing. Generally, there are three types of audits: field audits, correspondence or mail audits, and office examination audits. Most of the time, it happens to the correspondence audit that the IRS conducts. What you need to do is to answer the questions asked by the IRS in a professional, satisfactory, and efficient manner.

The IRS conducts office audits at its local branch and you need to go the branch to face it. However, if you are not very much aware of the tax related things, you are allowed to take your attorney with you. It happens to be a really bad news when one gets a notice of a field audit because it is the most comprehensive one. To face this type of audit, you must get professional IRS audit help services.

  1. Give Relevant Answers to the Questions

The best you can do is to rightly answer all the questions the IRS asks you. It will depend on the type of audit that what and how many questions the IRS asks. However, there happen to be some general questions that are asked in all the audit types.

  • Did you report all your income?
  • Are your deductions legitimate?
  • Is your business truly a business or a part-time hobby?

And there are some other basic questions that the IRS may ask you.

  1. Determine which Documents You Need

You need to get your ducks in a row beforehand after reading the letter the IRS has sent you. You should collect all the documents that are required to submit your case to the IRS. If you are taking the services of a tax audit help firm, you can ask the firm to bring everything in order.

  1. Give Truthful Answers

Remember, lying to an IRS auditor can really be a bad idea for you and you can come across with some really big problems if you do so. No matter what type of audit you are facing, the Auditors will ask you different questions and you will have no other option than replying them with 100% accurate and truthful answers.

Also, whatever you say to them, you should also have full documentation of it because the Auditors will not go with your words rather they will demand some written proofs from you. In this case, if you have said some lies in front of them, how will you prove it in written?

  1. If You Need More Time, Don’t Hesitate to Ask

The IRS gives you a sufficient time to prepare yourself for an audit. If you think that you will be required some more time to get everything ready from your side, you can ask for some more time from the Auditors. You can mention to the IRS that you need an extension in order to consult a tax attorney. Generally, the IRS doesn’t refuse these sort of requests.

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