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Here are two Legal Ways to avoid Tax burden

  Tax season brings so much financial burden to taxpayers.   When the tax season ends they start finding out ways through which they could lower their tax burden for the next year. Here are two legal ways through which you can reduce tax burden. Invest in Municipal Bonds Municipal Bonds are the debt securities that [...]

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5 Tips that will help you get Tax deductions

      The ultimate goal of any tax payer is to minimize their tax bill as much as possible. Sometimes the tax payer files the returns in a rush due to which they forget to add some important tax deductions in their return which can help to lower their bill. Here are some of [...]

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Feeling anxious about filing a tax return; take help from a professional

There are many U.S citizens who have the confidence in their skills and file their tax returns themselves. But most of the tax payers find it really difficult to file their returns. They get anxious and can’t figure out proper way to file the returns; they carry out blunders which negatively affect their budget. Here [...]

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Do you want to enjoy Tax Deductions?

The most important thing for any tax payer is to enjoy tax deductions while filing their tax returns. Here are few ideas through which you can cut your tax bill and get the benefit of tax deduction: Business expense that is not expected If something is used to benefit your business and you can document [...]

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Five most appropriate Tax breaks for the corporations out there

  Like many individuals even the Corporations want to minimize their taxes in every possible manner. American corporations have to pay one of the highest tax rates in the world. There are several corporate tax breaks that can minimize taxes. Here are few of the most costly corporate tax loopholes that can benefit the corporations: [...]

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Tax Advantages of a C Corporation

    What is a C corporation? Let us first discuss about the difference between corporation and a C corporation. C Corporation is registered at state level. It is a type of company which is incorporated without limitations on the number of shareholders or whether those shareholders are foreign or domestic.  A C Corporation also [...]

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Sweating for your Federal Tax Refund?

  If you are waiting for a tax refund, don’t over stress about it. Keep a check on about the tax refund status on the IRS website. Here are some important details that you must know about the federal tax returns: “Where’s my refund” tool and its Limitations The IRS website has a “Where’s My [...]

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Feeling Helpless after missing the Tax filing Deadline?  

Filing a tax return is an obligation for all the US citizens. Sometimes you might not be able to file the tax returns on time. Can you file taxes late? This kind of situation makes you anxious about the consequences. Take a deep breath, there is no need to get scared or helpless. Filing taxes [...]

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Reasons due to which you need record for the Past returns

    If you are a regular tax payer, IRS will have all your past records with them. It is important to understand how to request a copy of a tax return so you can access that information in a timely manner.  There are many reasons why you might need to get past tax return records. [...]

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Business run by Husband and Wife

Taxes are levied on every business. A husband and wife business has different family business tax requirements from a normal business. Here are some family business tax rules which are applied when the employees are family members: Employer/employee relationship between husband and wife There are two scenarios in this case: One spouse is the employer [...]

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