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3 Smart Ways to prevent Identity Theft

    Identity theft is the biggest ongoing crime these days. You need to carry out all precautionary measures to prevent identity theft from happening to yourself and your organization. Hackers and criminals have the ability to steal your data. It is really important that you carry out measures to protect your personal information. You [...]

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Ways to safeguard your electronic information inorder to avoid identity theft

One of the major ways to avoid identity theft is to keep your electronic information safe. Fraudsters try to steal your personal information by hacking your system or accessing your information from a public or official computer. They use this information for their personal benefits. Here are a few ways to avoid identity theft. How [...]

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Business identity theft

  What is Business Identity Theft? Business identity theft is a new avenue in corporate crime. The identity thief uses your business identity to establish lines of credit with banks or retailers.  The thief will use your credit lines for his personal advantage such as: Purchasing home improvement items Commercial electronics Gift cards Any other [...]

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The Tax Challenges faced by the business owners this year

There are many tax issues that business owners face when filing their tax returns. Some of the major tax issues include; Affordable Care Act and the tax extenders, tax and wage legislation changes etc. Let us discuss the Affordable Care Act and the issues related to it. […]

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Tax related problems that a small business owner faces

      When a person plans to start a small business he faces a lot of challenges, which include financial challenges, procedural issues and management setbacks. But along with these challenges, other major issues that small business owners face are tax-related problems. Here are some small business tax problems and tax reforms that one [...]

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The time for fling tax returns is here; are you sweating?

When the time of filing tax returns is near; you don’t need to worry and get stressed. If you need help filing taxes, it is better that you follow some simple steps to prepare for tax filing and make your life easy. Step 1: Make a list of all of your personal details Prepare for [...]

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 Tax issues if you are not just life partners but also business partners; advice for husband and wife

    Being life partners’ means you enjoy, spend fun time together, share bills and all the responsibilities of the house. There are some concerns related to tax that you need to keep in mind if you are business partners as well. Here is some husband and wife business partnership advice: The new law was [...]

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The best way to legally run away from tax payments this year; Life Insurance

How does life insurance work? The only purpose of life insurance in our mind is that it protects our families after our demise. What’s more important to know is the fact that life insurance acts as your option for tax-free investment and tax-free retirement. How is life insurance tax free? If you have a huge [...]

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