Words like ‘Tax’ and ‘Audits’ can throw anyone in a spiral. Asking a pro to help you with your tax returns may seem easy, but in actual, choosing the right one is as complicated and difficult as doing it yourself.


The reason is absence of any federal law regulating tax preparers outside of known designations such as an enrolled agent or a certified public accountant.


Only four states require specific criteria for tax preparers and they include New York, Oregon, California & Maryland. So if you are looking for help, here is a list of who you might run into.


Enrolled Agent

These agents are enrolled by the Treasury Department after passing a three-part exam and a background check. Basically they are official tax experts and specifically deal with tax-related issues and represent the tax-payer in front of the IRS. They have to stick to a certain ethical standard and complete a minimum number of hours of continuing education each year.


Certified Public Accountants

CPA’S are licensed financial experts. Although, tax is not their only point of focus, but they are equipped to deal with tax return filings. They also deal with personal finances and accounting needs. Like enrolled agents, they have set criteria for passing an exam and having a certain amount of work experience.



There are a number of companies that provide tax filing experts. Each company has its own standard and criteria. But usually, they require tax pros to pass an initial exam and also to have a set number of hours of continuing education every year, so that they are up to date.


Last, but not the least, always trust your gut instinct when choosing a Tax preparer.


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