Every year in US people go through the process of taxation, for some tax returns are really confusing to deal with.
Tax Help MD helps people in finding solutions to their tax problems.


Everything is electronic these days, so why not the tax returns. To file your tax return online, you have to get an electronic-file pin number.

Tax Help MD helps its clients to e-file their tax returns of 2015, by helping them in verifying their identity with Self-Select PIN or their Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) from your tax returns 2014. We help also in getting the e-file PIN, who doesn’t have either the Self-Select PIN or AGI.


Most of the taxpayers are eligible to get an e-file PIN except those who have not filed a 2014 Form 1040, Form 1040A, Form 1040-EZ or Form-SS or whose returns were not processed by 21st Nov, 2015.

Your Data:

Provide all your information regarding
• last year’s tax return
• Social Security number or Individual Tax Identification number
• First and last name, date of birth and filing status
• Complete mailing address as on 2014 tax return.

Getting the PIN:

With the help of Self-Select PIN (personal identification number) method you can electronically “sign” your e-file return. You create your own pin by selecting any 5-digit number except zero.

How to E-file Your Tax Return:

You simply have to go to the site of IRS.gov,
• Open e-file page.
• Enter your e-file number in “Electronic Filing PIN” field.
Just remember to keep the copy of your signed tax for personal record.

My Tax Help MD provides the best IRS tax help and tax settlement services and make the life of its clients easy and relaxed. Having a team of professional tax consultants, we provide diverse IRS tax debt resolution service. You can tell us your tax problems and we will come up with the best possible solutions for them.

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