2016 Fiscal Year

The Large business and International Business Fiscal Year 2016 guide includes various progressive changes presented by IRS.

The changes emphasize on:

  • A Well trained and an organized workforce
  • Better working opportunities
  • The Feedback loop to be fairly integrated

Abusive Tax Shelters

There has been an introduction of an all-inclusive strategy by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to deal with the tax abusers who are a part of tax shelters and similar wrong transactions.

This strategy by the IRS includes the factors of:

  • Guidance for all taxpayers on the issues of Abusive Transactions
  • The rules and regulations that are administering Tax Shelters
  • An introduction of Hotline for taxpayers
  • The Hotline can be used when taxpayers want to report any abusive transactions
  • Hotline can be used to inform about the abusive tax shelter promoters and investors

E-File Information for Large and International Corporations

Specific Large Business and International Corporations are liable to file their tax forms 1120 and 1120S electronically.

If other corporations wish to, they can file their forms electronically on a voluntary basis.

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