Every year around April we hear vulgar talking about ‘Taxes’.

Do you wonder what taxes are? Why do we need to pay them? What does the government do with our taxes?
All questions will be answered in detail to help you understand finances from the core with Free Consultation offered by Tax Help MD.

Innocent Spouse Program

Are you facing tax trouble because of the wrong actions of your spouse/ ex-spouse? Worry no more. With the help of our ‘Innocent Spouse or Injured Spouse Program,’ you can find instant relief with our expert team-members. Although this type of tax program requires you to qualify for availing tax-relief services, if you prove to fit in the specifications of Tax Help MD, it will be our responsibility to make sure you are not held liable for any tax debt.

Penalty Abatement

Although IRS are very strict in implementing penalties, if you have a genuine cause, Tax Help MD can help you remove or reduce any penalties through the ‘Penalty Abatement Form’. In case of ‘Interest’, the chances of getting abated reduce unless you have a reasonable cause, such as:

• Critical injury or death of the taxpayer.
• Damage due to fire or electricity at taxpayer’s house, office or records.
• Other causes can be accepted only if the taxpayer exercised reasonable action within the timeline and did not succeed due to genuine issues, etc.

We have helped various taxpayers like you! If you are undergoing any trouble or concern regarding tax filing, tax-return or other financial issues, you have come to the right place!

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