The economy now-a-days has become quite jerky. The economic crisis has made the people suffer more than the before. Due to this, companies have to face many hardships. Among them, the hottest concern is receiving the notice of tax lien. Especially, for a small business owner, it becomes a bad news. The worst moment came when one, already suffered from the tax problem, could not take a loan to make any settlements.

Not this is the case, but selling assets, or even to find a new business partner are the complimentary troubles along with the charges and fees that you must have to pay. In order to escape from this situation, you must have to take decisive actions that start with the understanding of what a tax lien really is? And then the ways to get tax lien help.

Tax Lien:

For collecting unpaid taxes, government uses tax liens. That means, you will be obligated if you have due taxes on you. The tax lien means the government can have the right on your assets and even your credit card and can sell out them, if you fail to pay the due taxes.

For further tax obligations, they can also come after your bank accounts or your property. The IRS gives a ten days’ notice to pay after filing the tax notice against you. It means, you can get to escape from them if you pay the full in ten days.

How A Tax Lien Can Affect Small Businesses?

The immediate effect that can be on your business is the credit score. A credit expert John Ulzheimer who has worked for Equifax and FICO said, “A tax lien is considered a severe derogatory entry, just like bankruptcies, judgments, collections, charge-offs and repossessions,” he further added, “Their influence can be as little as nothing or as much as over 100 points.”

The bad news is also that even after paying your tax lien fully, your credit report will still show it for the coming years. In case, if you succeed in not showing this on your credit card, you still have to face difficulties whenever, you apply for loan. Lenders take it as a sign of danger to them. Because, it is the clear sign that you are paying late to the federal government, so, how they can make a trust on you that they will receive their debts on time.

 Possible Way To Avoid Tax Lien

To best way to escape from the tax lien is paying the taxes on time. While, the other case is to choose any installment agreement, in which you have to pay in a minimal quantity or in installments. Sometimes, filing of tax lien has been done mistakenly. Before, making tax payment, ensure this point also.

Tax lien help of IRS also comes up with the “offer in compromise”. Keep it in mind that you could not always get the additional time period for the fulfillment of taxes. Or, it may be a temporary delay. Furthermore, the IRS will settle down in this offer for the amount less than the actual payment but, you have to meet the certain criteria for obtaining this. Solve your situation somehow and whatever it is, but it is not wise to avoid the notice of IRS.

How To Retrieve With A Tax Lien?

As, already mentioned, your credit report will show this curse even after paying with the full amount of taxes for some years. This means, you still have a red flag to your lenders. So, the solution recommended is to recover from tax, but how?


Subordination, is one of the method introduced by IRS for the recovery of tax lien. In this method, you “subordinate” a tax lien, means you give other lenders the legal power for collecting your debts before you pay it to the government.

If you don’t subordinate your lien, the lender would not receive any amount unless you pay the full amount of debts to the government. So, the method makes you less risky for lenders and it will not a big deal for them. Here, you will find the instructions about how to apply for a certification of subordination which will later determine your eligibility.


This works best because, it doesn’t show you among the debtors. As, according to the website of IRS, “A ‘withdrawal’ removes the public Notice of Federal Tax Lien.”

However, you will only escape from the reporting in the credit bureaus, but still you have to pay the amount, you owe. And, so, you must be attentive for not having any credit report showing your tax lien. Though, receiving a tax notice is a headache, but the better understanding of tax lien and to get recovery from that through these methods is the best solution. Make sure, filing of tax lien is appropriate or not and then tax lien help methods will help you in avoiding the taxes, you owe.

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