Being a taxpayer you must know that tax payers have to pay greater tax amount if they are earning more. There are different tax brackets set for different income groups. Even if you are earning more, there are few ways through which you can avoid being in the higher tax bracket. Here are few escapes to avoid being in higher tax bracket:

Retirement plans are a good Escape!

If you are earning more, the best way is to get greater amount deducted in your retirement funds. In this way, your income will be saved for future and the tax imposed on your income will be at a lower rate. The tax is calculated on the disposable income which you get after all the deductions.

Selling too much in one year is a big mistake

If you have a stock whose prices have increased, you as a businessman would want to enjoy all the profits by selling the complete stock. But that would mean that your income will increase and you will fall in a high tax bracket. So it is advised that you sell some stocks in one year, and rest in the other. So that your profits are divided in two years and taxable income remains in the lower bracket.

Plan your income and business expenses

If you are self-employed you can manage your income and expense in such a way that your income remains in the lower tax bracket every year.

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