Program Description

A Low Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC) is an organization that is working for the benefit of people with low income and people whose primary language is not English. In case such people have a dispute with the IRS, the organization provides education about their rights and outreach to such individuals. It also goes one step further and represents its people in courts and before the IRS on audits, appeals, tax collection matters and other tax disputes. It renders its services free of cost or at very low charges. It receives its funding from the IRS, how the organization itself is completely independent of IRS.

General Program Requirements

The organization will have has its set rule to identify the individuals and to determine if an individual meets the set guidelines. Generally, if an individual seeks services from LITC then his or her income must be below 250 percent of the current year’s federal poverty guidelines and the amount is dispute per tax year should be below $50,000. The LITC website contains a list of eligibility guidelines according to the family size.

All you need to do if fill up an application form and submit to LITC to ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria.

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