Tax season is here and by now, you should be ready to file. However, if you haven’t been very organized throughout the last year, there are chances that you will panic.


A little advice: Don’t panic. Take a deep breath and do everything in a calm and organized manner to avoid these common tax mistakes. Read more about these tax mistakes to avoid below.


Forgetting to Sign Your Tax Return

Signing the tax return form is the easiest part of filing your taxes and yet, people do forget to sign. According to IRS, an unsigned tax return is like an unsigned check. It is simply not valid.


If you are filing online, you will not be able to submit the return without your typed signature. If you are not doing it online, make sure to check and re-check that signature or signatures, if you are filing jointly, before submitting the tax return forms.


Putting in a Wrong Social Security Number

Taxpayers often put in wrong social security numbers for their children or other family members. If the numbers are incorrect, your tax return form will be sent back to you.


If you are unsure about the numbers, take out the cards and copy the numbers from there.


Wrong Name

According to IRS, this is the most common mistake seen on tax forms. People usually misspell their own names.


This mistake also comes up after a person has changed his/ her name, usually after marriage. If this has happened, make sure to notify the relevant authorities before filing your taxes.


Mistakes Claiming Deductions

It is common for taxpayers to file for deductions they don’t qualify for or even, miss out on deductions they actually qualify for.


If you are filing taxes on your own, make sure to read the instructions carefully to ensure you don’t miss out on deductions you deserve.

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