The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announces variations in tax rates, standard deductions and the  filing of tax forms deadline dates every year. In 2015, the date of tax return filing was 20th January where as this year it opened on 19th of January.

All taxpayers were concerned whether they would be able to file the tax return forms on the same day since the Congress did not sign off all tax extenders. Luckily, Congress presented a tax extender package and every tax payer was able to file their forms.

Although various tax professionals began preparing the proper tax documentation earlier in January, the process still began on the 19th of January when IRS started accepting these forms.

The Tax Day

According to the tradition, the tax day is April 15. If the date lands on the weekend, the tax day gets pushed forward. This year, as stated by the IRS, the tax day has been delayed from 15th of April to 18th of April. Why? This year, the Emancipation Day is falling on the weekend.

Usually the Emancipation day would get delayed, but in 2016, this day is getting pushed back to April 15, Friday. Now taxpayers have 3 extra days to prepare for the tax day.

Contact the Professionals

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