Tax Services – August 07, 2012

Dean Michael has put together a phenomenal team of tax professionals to create Tax Help MD Inc. He has nicknamed them “The Dean Team” and they are The best group of tax services professionals in the business.

Dean Michael has been in the tax resolution industry for 20 years. His knowledge and expertise in tax resolution management has been paramount to other tax companies. He is often asked to go live on the radio to answer tax questions and give helpful advice for tax problems. Listeners call into the radio stations from all over the country hoping to speak with him and benefit from his friendly advice. You can listen to one of Dean’s radio shows, here.

Now, Dean has put together a phenomenal team of seasoned tax professionals to create Tax Help MD Inc. Together they have a vast amount of knowledge and experience that surpasses all others. Dean has worked with a lot of tax professionals in his many years, but these particular tax pros have always lead the pack when it comes to solving what would otherwise be unsolvable. He has nick named them “The Dean Team” and they are the best of the best.

Michael intends to revolutionize the industry with Tax Help MD by raising the bar on tax services. Tax Help MD will provide not only the best solutions available but also give clients the attention they deserve at a cost they can afford.

Unlike other tax companies who promise a magic wand approach and pennies on the dollar settlements, while quoting thousands of dollars in fees before ever really understanding the case, Dean has implemented a process called Transcript Investigation. Before ever quoting any fees to handle a case he completes a fact finding investigation of IRS transcripts to determine the problem and thereby create a real solution to each specific problem.

This is a new paradigm in the tax resolution industry. If you have IRS problems, call the Tax Doctor! Whether you owe back taxes or just haven’t filed in years, it’s time to finally put those tax issues behind you for good. Call Tax Help MD, your cure for tax problems. (888) 632-4506

Looking for a tax doctor? Need some professional help in dealing with your IRS tax concerns? My Tax Help MD offers professional and state-of-the-art consultancy regarding all kinds of IRS tax issues. We can provide you complete guidance for the purpose of tax resolution and tax settlements.

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