Doing taxes on your own always seems like a daunting task. More daunting is to choose a tax preparer to help you out.


With so many tax payers, competition for services is fierce amongst the tax preparers. Choosing the right one, then, becomes an uphill task. Make sure you know what to look for in a tax preparer!


When choosing a tax preparer, make sure to look out for these red flags to avoid any trouble.


Tax Preparers, Without PTIN

According to IRS, a tax preparer must have a valid PTIN (Preparer tax identification number) to either prepare or assist in filing a tax return. If your tax preparer does not have a valid PTIN, he or she is not allowed to file a tax return.


Tax Preparers Who Do Not Sign

Besides having a valid PTIN, your tax preparer must sign the return. If the preparer does not sign the return, he or she is not allowed to submit the return.


Tax Preparers Who Insist You Should Mail Your Own Tax Return

Tax preparers are supposed to file your tax returns, electronically. If they don’t give you this option, then you should be concerned.


Tax Preparers Who Promise a Higher Refund

If your financial situation has not changed during the last year and your tax preparer is promising a higher refund, then chances are that he or she might have inflated some of your deductions. Check out everything before signing the return and question your tax preparer.


Tax Preparer Who Asks You to Sign a Blank Tax Return

Common sense goes a long way. If it is a blank document, there is nothing to sign. Always review your documents before signing and handing them over.


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