Many students prefer studying abroad, USA being the first preference. All International students are liable to pay taxes in way or the other.

If you are a new transfer to any state of USA and face difficulty regarding taxes, Tax Help MD can guide you on the right path by offering you the right tax solutions.

Tax System of America- An Overview

The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) collects taxes from all citizens residing in USA on behalf of the government. When you earn money, a small portion is deducted in the shape of taxes.

The sole purpose of taxes is to report your sources of income and other funds and the total amounts of it.

Why should an International Student pay Tax?

All International students and their dependents (parents, spouse, and children of all ages) are liable for filing the ‘Tax Form 8843’if they were living in USA in the past year. These forms should be sent in separate envelopes.

Some International students can also be rewarded with tax benefits such as:

  • Tax Refund due to tax treaties.
  • Tax refund due to less income earned in the past year


How Can the Taxes be filed?

If you do not understand the taxes, contact Tax Help MD. The qualified professionals will help you understand the tax system from the core and help you manage your taxes by providing authentic calculation of your taxes.

The experts will help you by providing you the correct tax forms, help you fill them and post them to the right address.

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