The majority of taxpayers believe that the US tax system needs further renovation. Year after year each American is feeling frustrated due to the tax complexities.

It can be seen how the Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz started unrest when he mentioned the point regarding the ‘Tax code’.

He mentioned the fact that instead of the current tax codes that become a burden for American families and crushes those in their daily lives envision a tax code that is flat.

 A tax code that allows each American to fill out his/her own tax!

The GOP Senator from Texas mentioned, “Imagine abolishing the IRS.”

While this would be a dream come true for all Americans, it is astonishing how 53% of the citizens believe they pay the right amount of taxes. Only 40% of the Americans believe they far pay more than they should.

What the key complaint, however, is not about paying taxes. The complaint is ‘Why other People don’t pay their fair share of taxes?’

Basically the Corporations and the Elite

Obama added the tax reforms in his recent budget proposal this year. The Chairman of the House Ways Committee also introduced a Tax Reform Act last year suggesting that 2016 might be the perfect year to change the tax code.

Since the era of George Bush, the tax cuts have fairly made all Americans happy with the rates, nonetheless according to Gallup Polls, the Americans believing that the taxes are high is on the rise.

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