You may have recently received an email with the following Subject: “Warning for all TaxPayers”. I know I did just last week.

The message was short and scary. “The IRS is planning to Seize the Assets of 1000s of Americans who owe Back Taxes. If you owe back taxes, Click Here for help immediately.”

My Tax Help MD never resorts to negative marketing or scare tactics. Our goal is to help our clients by providing a friendly and supportive environment. We want them to feel comfortable in the process, while allowing us to use our experience and vast knowledge base to procure the best possible tax settlement program available to each client, based on that client’s particular situation. This is what we promise:

Honesty and Integrity in Tax Resolution

We will continue to be morally responsible, and not deviate from the truth. Negative advertising campaigns are unethical and distort the truth in an effort to deceive the public. For example, a company may purposely lie about the IRS collection process, as they did in the email above. An honest approach would be to simply point out the positive aspects of our tax resolution service, namely that we can use our knowledge to save you money and get you out of your tax bind.

Respect for Every Client

We respect the dignity of each individual. We treat people with respect regardless of race, religion, gender, size, age, or country of origin. We implement our policies and procedures consistently so people are treated fairly and equally. We include the clients in meetings and discussions. We strive to not marginalize, exclude or leave any person out, while supporting an equal, high-quality service for everyone.

Social Responsibility

My Tax Help MD strives to not just walk the line of ethics when it comes to social responsibilities, but to lead by example. Some companies paint pictures of seizures and debtor prisons, or solutions that are too simple to believe. We choose to present each client with the facts and benefits, not downplay the negatives or promote untrue, fast turnaround solutions just for the sake of sales.

Our Promise to You

We will never resort to negative advertising, but we will continue to offer the best services available with one of our experienced tax negotiation experts. We will utilize tax resolution strategies that are both realistic and workable. And, most importantly, we will work to get your problem fixed permanently, in the shortest possible period.

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