Common Tax Deductions for Truck Drivers

Telephone or Internet Access Fees:

The IRS recognizes that mobile phones and wireless internet laptops are necessary for most truck drivers. However, it also believes that these tools will also be used for personal purposes while drivers are on the road. Therefore, it only allows drivers to deduct certain percent of the cost of access fees. The entire cost of the actual phone or laptop required for work is deductible.

Association Dues:

Most truck drivers are required to be affiliated with unions or other collective trucking groups. The dues required for membership are entirely deductible. Voluntary memberships may also be deductible, but only if the employee can demonstrate that they assist in their career or are a regular membership in the industry.


Subscriptions to Trucking-Related Publications:

Because these publications often discuss new regulations and information relevant to the field, the IRS allows drivers to deduct their full cost.

Per-Diem Meal Costs:

The IRS allows drivers to deduct the specific amount of the costs of their meals while on the road and working or a uniform, per-diem cost.


Licensing Fees:

The costs associated with obtaining and maintaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is entirely deductible. Similarly, the costs of any continuing education required to maintain a license with an employer, state or federal agency are deductible.

Medical Examinations:

Drivers required to undergo medical examinations for employment can deduct any out-of-pocket costs they incur. These deductions are taken as a business expense and not a medical expense, and, as such, do not need to meet the minimum threshold required to deduct a medical expense.

Travel Expenses:

Expenses a driver incurs while on the road and working are deductible. This includes transportation to and from meals or lodging as well as any tips paid. It also includes the costs of postage for any mailings required to be sent from the driver’s on-road location to their employer. Toll booth payments and truck parking costs are included in this category.

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