Doing taxes is never fun and like many people filing their tax returns, this turns out to be the only time during the year that you give your finances a closer look.


It only makes sense to seize the opportunity and learn a few things from your tax return.


Interest Earned on Cash Savings

If you earn more than $10 in interest from a bank or any other financial institute, it becomes taxable and you have to report it.


This is a good reminder for you to reassess the interest rates on short-term money you keep in savings accounts. You can shop around and compare rates offered by other banks. Also consider whether you are keeping too much money in cash when it could be better off with IRA or a brokerage account.


Your Retirement Savings Contributions

Filing your tax return is a good opportunity to find out how much you have saved through contributions to your retirement account.


This also gives you the chance to save more next year by choosing to make tax-deductible contributions to a traditional IRA.


Your Debt Expenses

Interest paid on certain loans is deductible and this includes both student loans and mortgages.


The section on tax return that is used for reporting interest can help you in getting a good check-in on the debt you are carrying and is also a good reminder for you on how you can prioritize paying off your debts.


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