What is tax forgiveness? IRS introduced the Debt Forgiveness program which is also known as Fresh Start Program. The reason behind starting this program was that IRS realized that taxpayers will never pay their debt off of there is no hope.  IRS use to increase the penalties and interests at a high speed, due to which people started getting scared of paying back the debts.

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Tax Debt Forgiveness is the way through which IRS forgives the tax debt for the tax payers  that have balances due to the IRS.

The basic criteria on which IRS accepts the tax settlements are:

Ability to pay
Present Income and Expenses
Equity in Assets
Few instructions to file for the Offer in Compromise

The IRS carries out a detailed check on the records you offer. If they find your details authentic, then they accept your request and settle for a less amount than the original debt.

This program is not for everyone. It is important that you make sure the you are eligible for the offer in compromise before filing it.

Before filing for the offer in compromise, make sure that you are current with all tax return filings and current in withholding and estimate tax payments.

You may not file an Offer in Compromise and apply for IRS tax debt forgiveness if you are in an open bankruptcy proceeding.

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