In this digital world, every business or financial correspondence is done through emails, online accounts, and online payments through credit cards.

This has made the life easier as one doesn’t need to go to the bank or to the shopping centers.
But this has posed great danger to your account, your personal data and even your identity.


“Your account has been blocked for security purpose. Kindly submit your particulars and details here within 24hours to unblock it “, “Due to the recent virus attack on our database, we are upgrading our database and accounts need to be verified immediately.

You need to provide your account details and passwords”.

These types of statements are often found phishing mails, which mostly ask for personal information such as password, credit card and an immediate action.

There are identity theft scams to lose your account and identity.

Malware can be any emails with links that can enter your PC with any kind of malicious virus, spyware that can copy your password or personal information and can pass it on.


Always make sure before responding to any kind of these mails. All legitimate companies/ banks or departments like IRS never ask personal information on emails.
Also immediate action is not required usually.


With Tax Help MD you can manage your taxes, accounts without losing your information.
Never respond to any of these mails, instead contact directly to your bank or the concerned department.
Always install some anti-malware to avoid these kind of threats to your account and to prevent online identity theft.

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