Asking for Tax Extensions are really helpful when you need some extra time to pay taxes. Members of military usually need extra time in paying the amount of tax owed. They might be at a deputation during a tax period or they might be so busy that they don’t get time to file the taxes. Knowing this, the IRS has set up a military tax extension system to help the militants to finish tax filing in a timely manner.

Automatic tax extension

If you are a military officer who is serving overseas, the IRS automatically gives a two month military tax extension to you. The requirement of requesting for an extension is also not present for military officers.

If you are a military officer and you need more than the allotted two months to finish up your tax returns, you need to file a tax extension. This military tax extension is filed the same way as the other tax payers file it. Militants can also file tax extension online through the IRS website.

Tax advantage; If you are serving in the war zone

If a militant is deployed in a combat zone, IRS gives a lot of flexibility in its rules. Even if you are back right at the time of Tax Month still you can use the time at combat zone as an excuse. You are allowed a combat zone tax extension that is equal to:

  1. Amount of time spent in combat zone before taxes are due
  2. Any time spent hospitalized due to injuries sustained in a combat zone
  3. 180 days in addition to the two options listed above

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