Most states require you file state refunds along with the federal refund with the exceptions of Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming where there is no state individual income tax. Are you curious how to check your tax refund status? Continue reading below.

If you have a federal tax refund coming your way from the IRS you can check your refund status online through the IRS official website. It has “Where’s My Refund” tool on the website which facilitates. Similarly a large number of states also offer this facility to check the refund status on government website.

Mostly the service is available on the website of Department of Revenue of the respective state where they have the same Where’s My Refund tool or a “Check my refund status” option from which you can track and check your refund status online.

Some basic information needs to be entered on the website to access the data. Some states only require social security numbers and the amount that you are anticipating as refund while other may require a little more detailed information such as your filing status, date of birth and zip code as well.

It must be considered that in most states it takes 4- 6 weeks to process the tax returns, may it be filled electronically or through the mail. Some states, like Illinois, laws to prevent identity theft of taxpayers which make the process longer. Checking the refund status online is one thing but you still have to wait for 4 weeks after e-filling to receive your refund.

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