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The Myth of Off Shore Companies

First of all, let’s understand the offshore companies; these are those entities that are set outside the jurisdiction of a particular country to enjoy tax exemptions. The term is normally used for a company whose head offices are a location in countries which are a known tax havens. Following are the major advantages of an [...]

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What You Don’t Know About Payroll Taxes That Could Put You Out of Business

Receiving a tax notice is not good in all ways. But, the payroll tax problems are enough to spin your head. As, they are different from the personal taxes. It is also a matter of fact that about 53% of the people are not paying payroll taxes. And, so it makes sense for IRS to [...]

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The New Tax Law: A Price to Pay or a Windfall that Spreads to the Masses?

Federal tax cuts traditionally pay a price. Practically gratuitous over the last 18 years, tax cuts continue their dubious tradition with the final passage of a tax reform bill by the U.S. Congress in January—but only after two government shutdowns. Since such taxpayer relief started, the national debt and its incumbent reflex to raise the [...]

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Can One Claim Gambling Losses When Filing Taxes?

So, a man across the casino just lost a bundle betting on black instead of red, but he thinks to himself, "No worries, I can just write it off on my taxes!" But, then once he leaves, he begins to think about doing this a little more seriously. Can he really write his gambling losses [...]

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How to Calculate Withholding Following New Tax Law

On February 28, 2018, the IRS officially announced the release of a completely new IRS Form W-4 and along with it a new "withholding calculator designed to help individual taxpayers determine whether the 2018 withholdings are correct, or need be adjusted.” The new changes to IRS regulations include changes to the individual income tax rates [...]

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How Tax Lien Can Become Hinderance In Applying for a Business Loan?

 The economy now-a-days has become quite jerky. The economic crisis has made the people suffer more than the before. Due to this, companies have to face many hardships. Among them, the hottest concern is receiving the notice of tax lien. Especially, for a small business owner, it becomes a bad news. The worst moment came [...]

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Free Tax Return Preparation for Qualifying Taxpayers

There are many ways of filing your tax return without incurring any extra charges. It is compulsory for each and every person who is a qualified taxpayer to pay his taxes timely. And this free taxpayer preparation program helps C qualifying taxpayers in paying their taxes timely and easily without incurring any extra charges and [...]

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What Is an S-Corporation? And How It Can Reduce Self-Employment Taxes?

There are many advantages to being self-employed, but with every silver lining comes a cloud in the form of paying higher taxes under the guise of both social security and Medicaid. Collectively, these taxes are referred to as "Self-Employment" taxes. Generally speaking, these taxes are significantly higher than those one would pay if he or [...]

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How to Effectively Deal with an IRS Audit

If you have received an alarming notice from the IRS that your tax return needs to be audited, you shouldn’t be worried as it happens to a number of taxpayers every year. To deal with this matter, you need to use your wit and follow some meaningful strategies that are given below: Learn about the [...]

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