1 out every 14 American that are aged 16 or more have been the victim of identity theft once in their lifetime, according to the bureau of Justice Statistics USA. So it is important that you know some details of identity theft so that you may be on your toes. Here are some types of identity theft that you can face, know them so that you can evade them.

Fake Military members:  Military members are always respected in the society, they also enjoy some perks so they can be a juicy target. More than any other group of people military veterans are victimized to most. In light of this, the Federal Trade Commission even designated July 17 Military Consumer Protection Day to spread awareness in the ranks regarding this threat.

Medical identity theft:  Someone could be using your name to get free medical services at a clinic or hospital, all they need to know is some of your personal details so that they can create a fake ID with your name on it.

If your credit card is safe don’t be happy, your medical identity can also be stolen. Someone may be using your credentials to enjoy medical services at a medical center or hospital. In recent years medical identity theft has increased a lot and over two million Americans have fallen victim to such crimes.

Gamers ID Theft: Another form of identity theft that has emerged over the years is the identity that one uses as in computer games. Hackers have realized that this can also get them monetary benefits. The accounts of gamers and social media networks tend to have thousands of dollars in them and with a little effort from a seasoned hacker, all this can be gone.

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