If you become a victim of tax scam then you might get a financial hit of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So keep your guards high and protect yourself from such scams. Under given are some signs that point towards a tax scam

Fake emails, requesting your personal details

If you get an email from IRS containing a link that directs you to IRS website, a website looking like the IRS but it’s not actually IRS website. The email might say that you require updating your data immediately; IRS does not send such emails. If you receive such an email do not respond simply forward it to IRS at phishing@irs.gov

OIC qualification news

If you receive an offer from a tax consultant that you are eligible for an OIC qualification, then know that it’s a con consultant, think about it how can you be qualified without scrutiny?

A tax preparer charges fee on percentage basis

Normally the tax preparers in the country have fixed rates; their rates only vary on the basis of complexity of the job. You are on the verge of getting canned if you are thinking to accept the offer from a tax preparer who charges a fee that is a percentage of a tax refund.

Fake IRS Agents pressurizing your over the phone or in person

Con men pretend to be IRS agents and make calls to you to submit your taxes. They normally do their homework and might tell you things about your financials that you even trust them but regardless of how much they seem knowledgeable never given them your details.

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