WASHINGTON —the Internal Revenue Service’s Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC) Program Office has released its fourth yearly program report.

The new report portrays how LITCs have helped low-income tax payers and people whose mother tongue is not English across the country with free or minimal effort representation in question with the IRS.

During 2014, LITCs provided representation to 19,882 taxpayers in a debate with the IRS and helped them by consultation or counsel to more than 18,810 taxpayers.

LITCs assisted taxpayers to save an amount bigger than $4.3 million in tax refunds and eradicate over $62 million in tax penalties and liabilities.

Through effort and educational exercises, LITCs likewise guaranteed people comprehended their rights as U.S. citizens and taxpayers.

LITCs led 3,046 educational practices were utilized by as many as 75,706 people. Generally speaking, right around 1,800 volunteers added to the accomplishment of the LITCs.

Here is one illustration of how LITCs can help with the taxpaying issues: A nearby Veterans Affairs office referred a citizen to an LITC.

The citizen was a tax payer who had lost his business and home while battling with post-traumatic anxiety disorders.

The LITC recreated his money related records, documented reprobate assessment forms and effectively arranged an offer in a bargain with the IRS.

Once the case was completed, the citizen uncovered to the LITC lawyer that he had been extremely discouraged over the taxpaying issues and he trusts the LITC offered him some assistance which has helped him a lot in retaking control of his life


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