WASHINGTON ― Deadline for paying taxes with next Tuesday is approaching fast for agriculturists and fishermen. The Internal Revenue Service is reminding these and other individual filers that the new IRS Direct Pay apparatus offers citizens the speediest and most effortless approach to pay the expenses they owe.

Accessible at IRS.gov/direct pay, this free of cost tool is online and permits people to safely pay their income tax specifically from checking or bank accounts with no expenses or pre-enlistment.

A year ago, IRS Direct Pay got more than 6.3 million expense installments totaling more than $20 billion from individual citizens paying taxes.

Direct Pay offers the taxpaying citizen a simple approach to rapidly pay the sum due on their return or tax bill, or make quarterly evaluated tax installments without writing a check, purchase a stamp or discover a mailbox. You can even book the payments 30 days ahead of time

Direct Pay is available throughout the seven days in a week and is open 24 hours.

 A taxpayer who utilizes the tool gets quick confirmation regarding the submission of their payments. IRS.gov provides more information about Direct Pay.

Direct Pay can’t be utilized to pay the government interstate use tax, business or either payroll taxes. Citizens who wish to e-pay their government business taxes ought to select in the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) or click on the icon for Pay Your Tax Bill to look at other options given for payments.


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