Woman with Medical Condition saves $78K

The client was an elderly woman suffering from Parkinson’s and living on a fixed income. She relied on her Social Security to pay her bills. Her $80K in income tax debt to the IRS was the result of liquidating investments and retirement accounts to cover extensive medical bills and living expenses. She was unable to pay the debt and concerned the federal tax lien would remain attached to her home, making her unable to bequeath the house to her children when she passed away.

The Resolution
  • Negotiated a hold on enforcement action – Eliminating levies.
  • Arranged an Offer in Compromise three months later.
  • Settled with the IRS for $1700 (in 24 payments).
  • Client paid in full, released from tax lien.

Minor Mistake Generates $330K in Penalties

The client operated a large construction company employing more than 100 employees. He did his own bookkeeping, and mistakenly paid the 941 federal taxes on the wrong deposit schedule for over a year. The IRS penalized the company with $330K in fines and penalties. This was complicated by an unfriendly IRS agent who refused to waive the penalties and demanded full payment. The agent threatened to levy the company bank account and accounts receivable.

The Resolution
  • Negotiated a hold on collection – Eliminating levies.
  • Took the case to IRS Appeals.
  • Negotiated an abatement of all penalties.
  • Compelled the IRS to waive $330K in penalties.

Forced out of Business with no tax resolution

The client ran a small staffing agency which ran up an excessive tax debt totaling more than $300K, including all penalties and interest assessed. The business ultimately closed. The owner was left personally owing more than $170K in 941 employment taxes. A single mother of two, she had lost almost everything when her company closed. The client was able to pay the settlement amount get out from under her tax debt and move on to a new chapter in her life.

The Resolution
  • Worked with the IRS to close the company without any enforcement.
  • Negotiated an Offer in Compromise.
  • Settled with the IRS for $2400 (in 24 payments).

Embezzlement Victim Eliminates $214K in Penalties

The client operated a restaurant in Boston. For more than five years, the client had employed his friend (an accountant) to handle the company’s payroll, including the 941 employment taxes to the IRS. The accountant embezzled the tax money and never paid the IRS. The tax debt alone was more than $380K. While the embezzler was tried and convicted, taxes and penalties were still in force.

The Resolution
  • Negotiated an abatement of $214K in penalties.

The client had been assessed almost $50K in employment taxes by the IRS. The outcome would threaten the business and seriously impact this client’s future.

The Resolution
  • Negotiated with IRS Appeals to have 100% of the tax assessment waived.
  • Won the appeal and the IRS waived the entire $50K in back taxes.

Couple Saves Over $75K with OIC

The clients were a retired couple who floundered while dealing with back taxes in excess of $79K. Both were in their mid-60s and on a fixed income. Major health issues prevented the clients from working full time to realize their dream of purchasing a retirement residence.

The Resolution
  • Negotiated an Offer in Compromise settlement with the IRS for $3,900.
  • Saved the clients over $75k in tax debt.

Partial Payment Installment Agreement Creates Freedom

The client was self-employed and owed the IRS more than $400K in taxes, penalties and interest. The IRS threatened a bank levy which would have left him unable to pay his employees. He would lose his company and also his home.

The Resolution
  • Immediately stopped bank levies and wage garnishments.
  • Negotiated a Partial Payment Installment Agreement with a low monthly payment of $1,200.
  • Partial Payment Installment Agreement continues to reduce the client’s IRS tax debt as older tax periods go permanently uncollectible as the 10-year collection statutes expire.

Client Saves $10K Penalty Abatement

The client owed the IRS more than $40K, including $10K in penalties.

The Resolution
  • Negotiated a Penalty Abatement with the IRS, saving $10K.
  • Got the IRS to waive all late filing and late payment penalties.
  • Set client up with an affordable Installment Agreement.

Client Receives Tax Refund despite Owing Taxes

The client, facing serious financial straits, desperately needed his tax refund to meet his bills. He was concerned the IRS was going to seize his refund and apply it to his tax debt.

The Resolution
  • Filed a case with the IRS Taxpayer Advocate and our client received his refund check.
  • Negotiated his case to “uncollectible” status.

OIC Settlement Saves Client $28K

The client had liquidated an IRA account to cover living expenses and medical bills. This action resulted in more than $29K in back taxes owed to the IRS. The client was receiving certified letters threatening enforced collection via bank levies and wage garnishment. The client was concerned about the prospect of IRS enforcement, as he needed every dollar just to pay his monthly bills.

The Resolution
  • Negotiated an Offer in Compromise.
  • Settled the case for $929.
  • Client is paid in full and free of entanglements.

Newlywed Saves 90 Percent with Offer in Compromise

The client owed $8000 in back taxes. His tax liability caused him to postpone his marriage until all his tax issues were resolved. The client did not have the financial wherewithal to repay the back taxes.

The Resolution
  • Negotiated an Offer in Compromise.
  • Settled the case for $559, payable over five months.
  • Client is paid in full with saving over 90 percent.

IRS Wage Garnishment Release in less than 24 hours

The client was facing wage garnishment due to back taxes. His very existence was threatened. His concern he would not be left with enough money to cover the living expenses for himself and his three young children drove him to sleeplessness.

The Resolution
  • Negotiated a release of the garnishment within 24 hours.
  • Structured a manageable Installment Agreement with monthly payments of $300/mo.
  • Avoided a federal tax lien.

Client Shaves 80 Percent off Back Taxes

The client was hit with $45K in additional taxes, penalties and interest due to errors on a return filed seven years earlier. The IRS was actively collecting the balance and had issued a wage garnishment to the client’s employer.

The Resolution
  • Negotiated a quick release of the wage garnishment
  • Stopped the collection action.
  • Got the IRS Audit Reconsideration Department to correctly adjust the amount owed.
  • Saved the client more than $34K.

Veteran saves more than $15.5K on Taxes

The client was an honorably discharged, disabled veteran. Due to considerable difficulties upon reentering civilian life, the client owed $18K to the IRS. The client – in his early 40s – had the majority of his career in front of him.

The Resolution
  • Negotiated an Offer in Compromise settlement of $2,500, payable over 5 months.
  • Saved the client more than $15,500 in taxes, penalties, interest and future accruals.

941 Back Taxes Reduced with Penalty Abatement

The client operated a small sandwich shop owing $20K in employment taxes. The IRS agent was threatening bank levies which would put the client out of business.

The Resolution
  • Negotiated a hold on enforcement.
  • Set up an affordable monthly payment plan.
  • Got $4,420 in 941 late payment penalties waived for our client.

Uncollectible Status Keeps IRS at Bay

The client owed back taxes and was unable to reach resolution with the IRS. The client worried the IRS would levy his bank account or garnish his wages, as he was trying to recover following a long period of unemployment.

The Resolution
  • Negotiated an Uncollectible Status for his case.
  • As Uncollectible Status, two-year hold on payments.
  • 100% protection from any bank levy or wage garnishment.

81 year-old Victim of Ponzi Scheme gets $32K Reduction

The client, an 81 year-old retired school teacher, lost $110K to a crooked financial advisor, resulting in a $35K tax bill.

The Resolution
  • Convinced with the IRS to reduce the balance by more than $32K.
  • Obtained waiver of all penalties resulting from the fraud.

Client Wins Wage Garnishment Release

The client was a 66 year-old administrative assistant struggling to stay afloat. The IRS was garnishing both her paycheck and social security leaving the client in a difficult situation. This was resolved by just one phone call to the IRS.

The Resolution
  • Expedited the release of the garnishment to her employer.
  • Expedited the social security garnishment release.
  • Submitted an Offer in Compromise as a resolution.

Offer in Compromise Saves Widow Deceased Husband’s Tax Debt

The client, an elderly widow, owed $12K on her deceased husband’s tax debt. Her fixed income offered no way to repay the IRS.

The Resolution
  • Protected her from IRS bank levies and wage garnishments.
  • Negotiated a settlement of just $400 with the IRS.

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