There have been many identity thieves and hackers in the current past years. While some are caught and punished, some are still unidentifiable. The tax payers should stay vigilant this year since the IRS is also keeping a close watch on all citizens for the very purpose.

However, this year the IRS recently stopped an automated attack that was targeted on the IRS Electronic Filing PIN Database. The method of this attack was the usage of malware. The identity thieves targeted on generating the E-file PINs for the purpose of knowing the social security numbers of several tax payers.

Fortunately, the thieves were unable to collect the information they wanted. No tax payer data was disclosed by the systems of the IRS. To be safe, the IRS is informing the affected tax payers via mail to let them be aware of the situation. The IRS is also exercising the fact that these tax payers stay protected against any further tax-related scams and thefts.

The security professionals are dealing with this situation by working closely with various companies and the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.  According to the current knowledge, the known unauthorized attempts were nearly 464,000 SSNs from which 101,000 SSNs successfully accessed the E-file PIN numbers.

This year, no damage happened due to the efficiency of strong security systems. In order to stay safer, all taxpayers should fill their forms with the help of professionals at Tax Help MD and submit them before the given deadlines.

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