The IRS Power Outage

The IRS went under crucial circumstances due to a power outage, resulting in various computer system failures at well known tax agencies.

The progress of the case has revealed that the power outage that lasted more than a day was caused by two hardware system failures.

On February 3rd, 2016, an electric voltage regulator on the server computers started to cause problems as stated by Terence Milholland (IRS Chief of Tech Department).

 It is stated that as the qualified technician started to resolve the problem of the regulator, the backup voltage regulator also failed accidently. 2 failed regulators resulted in a 30hours long period without the operating systems.

Fortunately it can be easily stated that this problem was merely an accident and no signs of cyber attack can be revealed.

Tax Return Processing Resumes

The processing of individual and business tax returns has been resumed. The applications offering online status help and details on IRS website regarding funds has also been restored. (Where’s My Refund)

Although the IRS computer systems were shutdown for approximately 30 hours, taxpayers, nonetheless were able to send their forms to e-filing easily.

The taxpayers who e-filed their 2015 tax return forms during or before the outage accident has to seek no additional action.

The forms have been received.  The funds will be released within 21 days as IRS suggests.


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