You are a busy person and don’t have time or will to go to your tax consultant or accountant. Did you have to spend hours online on or before April?

Time is money these days, and very few of us have time to go to a tax consultant or an accountant. There is a mobile application in the market that can help you evade all these steps. “TAXappUSA” is the answer to all your hustle.

The app is getting popular day by day in the USA.

By using this app you can help yourself and perform the following right in your palm:

Tax Return Filling – You can fill your returns from your mobile screen by filling the 1040EZ tax return form available in the mobile interface.

Document uploading – sharing your tax documents with professional of TAXappUSA by simply clicking the upload button. Such documents may include-

  • Income documentation-
  • A W-2 form for Salaried person
  • Form 1099-MISC for individual Contractors
  • Profit and Loss statement showed on a Schedule C attachment for sole proprietors
  • Previous tax payments
  • Interest and dividend income-

Calculate refunds- Using a special feature of this app i.e IRS Tax Refund Calculator you can calculate the taxes that you can collect as a refund of your previously paid taxes, All you need to do is enter some basic information required

E-file your tax returns –In a click, you can file your Federal and State taxes without the long ques.

Receive a copy of your completed 1040EZ return via email Free.

Review return- The accuracy of your return filed can also be check, free of cost

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