The offer in compromise program has the ability to reduce your tax debts to pennies. All you need is a good lawyer or professional who could file your case in an appropriate manner.  Professionals at Tax Help MD are there to reduce your old tax debt from dollars to pennies.

IRS is facing a lot of requests for “offer in compromise” tax-relief procedure. At the same time, tax attorneys say more Americans are trying to find solutions of all types to their tax debts at both the federal and state levels.

According to Tax report in the year 2011; IRS received 59,411 offer in compromise requests this was a 28% increase than the earlier years.

This influx of new cases caused both by the ailing economy and a simplification of the offer in compromise program comes as the IRS has cut resources to manage those requests.

Since the economic downturn began, changes to the offers in compromise program are allowing more taxpayers to qualify for streamlined approvals. It has also become easier for people to reach agreements to pay their tax debts over time.

Obviously every tax payer wants to minimize the debts, they understand that tax payments are important and it is their duty to pay taxes, but still they are looking for ways which can minimize the tax payments which they owe.

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