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Advantages of taking your case to a Tax Court

  Each year all US citizens pay taxes, and every year there are many instances of between the IRS and Tax Payers resolving tax issues. In some case the tax payers have not paid the right amount of returns, in others the tax payers have taken more exemptions than they legally are entitled to. Here [...]

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Tax benefits of Home-Ownership

One of the foremost tax benefits of home-ownership is that the rental income that the home owners receive is not taxed. Following are few more tax benefits of home-ownership: Mortgage Interest Deduction Homeowners can reduce their taxable income by deducting the mortgage interest amount from their taxable income. The deduction is limited to interest paid [...]

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What does the term PEASE stands for?

At different times government keeps on amending the tax laws. They also try to improve their tax returns by adding different laws to the tax return policies. There are numerous hidden taxes which are taken from the tax payers by the government. It is important that you as a tax payer are well aware of [...]

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What is AMT and who has to pay it

What is AMT? AMT; Alternative minimum tax is an extra tax that is levied on some people above their regular income tax. It’s a supplemental income tax imposed by the U.S government required in addition to baseline income tax for certain individuals, corporations, estates, and trusts that have exemptions or special circumstances allowing for lower payments of standard income tax. It has its [...]

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Tax Revenue

  What is Tax Revenue? Sales Tax is the largest source of revenue for states and Income Tax is the largest form of income for the federal government.  Sales tax is a general tax which is levied on the consumer purchases of all products bought. It is added to the final price of the retail [...]

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Taxation Principles and the Types of Taxes

 There are two major tax principles; Those who benefit from the government services should be the ones paying higher taxes and the people should be taxed according to the amount of benefit they are receiving from government offerings or public services. This principle faces few limitations; firstly the benefit that someone is achieving cannot be [...]

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