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Low Income Taxpayer Clinic…a way to help the underprivileged

  Program Description A Low Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC) is an organization that is working for the benefit of people with low income and people whose primary language is not English. In case such people have a dispute with the IRS, the organization provides education about their rights and outreach to such individuals. It also [...]

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Tax Brackets

  FISCAL FACT No. 486: 2016 Tax Brackets (PDF) What is a Tax Bracket? Taxation is an important aspect of your income. Tax brackets are the different rates of taxes which are levied on the different income levels of an individual. Every year IRS adjusts more than 40 Tax provisions for inflation. IRS carries this [...]

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The Tax benefits offered to Disable person or Parents of Disable Child

   IRS provide a lot of tax credits to the disable person or the parents of a disabled child.  Following are the tax credit details: Higher Standard tax deductions for a blind person Payments which are given to the disable such as Veterans Administration disability benefits, and Supplemental Security Income are not considered part of [...]

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Want to avoid retirement taxes? Here are some Best Places to Retire on Social Security

Taxes are unavoidable even when you retire. Obviously, every individual wants to keep more money with him when he retires. A retired person doesn’t have any other source of income except his retirement funds. Sadly taxes are a big part of your retirement budget unless you retire in a state which offers tax breaks to [...]

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Wondering how your taxes are used?

Americans regularly pay their taxes but often wonder where these taxes are spent. This curiosity sometimes leads to misconceptions by a majority, as they tend to underestimate the taxes that government spends on critical parts of Federal Government’s Budget. Here are some of the perceptions of people about the tax spending. The common man’s estimate [...]

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